NT home service provide 1 year free rental for Rinnai tankless RU160 & RU199


NT Home Service Inc. provides various appliances that are highly efficient and help save energy for your homes across the Greater Toronto Area.

Have a look at our humidifiers, air cleaners and thermostats :


humidifiers in Toronto

Humidifiers in Toronto, ON

NT Home Service Inc. provides high-efficiency humidifiers across the Greater Toronto Area which help save energy and reduce heating bills.

Evaporative Humidifier

Enjoy maximum comfort in your home
The TrueEASE™ Evaporative Humidifier is the perfect fit for your home. It eliminates maintenance hassles with easy-access pads and will save energy by eliminating the constant cycling of air. Once installed, this humidifier will deliver comfort throughout your entire home using your central heating and cooling systems.

  • The versatile design of TrueEASE™ humidifiers allows for installation in every home.
  • Intuitive system only runs water and air when humidity is called for.
  • Helps reduce heating bills.
  • Installed by your heating and cooling professional into your home's central heating and cooling system.
  • User-friendly pad access makes maintenance and upkeep easier than ever.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Professional installation.

Air Cleaners

air purification systems Toronto

Air Cleaners - Air Purifiers in Toronto, ON

Keep the air in your home clean with the help of air purifiers by NT Home Service Inc. across the Greater Toronto Area.


Single-area air cleaners may help the air in one room, but they don’t address pollutants that can circulate throughout your entire home.
PureAir™ is a whole-home solution that means cleaner air in every room. And every breath.

Product Specifications

air purification systems Toronto
  • Feature
  • PureAir Air Purification System
  • Rating
  • ( 4.3 )
  • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)
  • MERV-16
  • Filtration Levels: Hospital Grade
  • Filtration Levels: Particles
  • Removes over 95% down to .3 micron
  • Filtration Levels: Bioaerosols
  • Removes over 90% down to .01 micron
  • Whole-Home Application
  • Ozone
  • Reduces and destroys ozone
  • HVAC System Compatibility
  • All HVAC system types
  • Filter Life
  • 1 Year*
  • PCO Cartridge Life
  • 1 Year*
  • Lamp Life
  • 1 Lamp / 1 Year
  • Electrical Rating
  • 120/230V; 50/60 Hz; 150 watts; 1.2 / .65 amps
  • Replacement Filter Options
  • MERV-16 5" Box
  • Warranty
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components


thermostat installation Toronto

Thermostats in Toronto, ON

NT Home Service Inc. offers programmable thermostats across the Greater Toronto Area.

PRO 4000 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat
PRO 4000

Simple by design. Quality by reputation.
There’s a reason why Honeywell is the No. 1 brand of thermostats: it’s thermostats like our PRO 4000 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat. You can set one program for weekdays and another for weekends to save on energy costs and maintain comfort. Other features are designed for you, such as the easy-to-read digital display and a special slide switch for selecting heat, cool or operating the fan. Even the instructions for using the thermostat are built in, so they’re easily accessible.

  • Weekday/weekend programming.
  • Digital display.
  • Display options (available in backlit or standard).
  • Built-in instructions.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Professional installation.


It can confront the COVID-19.

This UC series ultraviolet coil purifiers employ UV technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microbes on the evaporator coil of heating and cooling system. Our seasonal price for that is $550+hst.